He sat there,his belly folded into itself as he tried to focus on a brave cockroach trekking across his wall.Warm air mixed with cheap whiskey fumes escaping his lungs playing on his pubey  mustache lulling him into a uneasy nap.Waking up from oblivion as mosquitoes made a meal of him the back of his neck send sharp pain to his brain forcing him to stir,it was still dark outside,the roach nowhere to be seen.He got up from the rugged carpet bones crackling and joints wailing from the impossible position they were in.stretching and tucking his exposed dick back into his checked boxers he rubbed his eyes focusing on the bright light emanating from his phone screen.

The wind blew through translucent drapes,the light green fabric making  a colorful homey feel  that screamed femininity.He opened one after pouring himself another drink.The lukewarm liquid burning all the way down.Pain always as before, a welcome distraction from mundane urges and pointless thoughts that always ran around in his head.There was a noise outside,the flat he lived in was occupied by young adults working odd hours so it was not strange to hear people walking about after midnight.His immediate neighbor,a clean freak man of the people type spoke to everyone and anyone who he considered  to be part of his community,he ate with the people outside our building as kids flocked around him asking for the treats they were used to getting.You could hear them every day chirping and singing his praise. Kamudo was  at the furthest end of the flat,the baby maker and hoarder extraordinaire,this guy could freeze dry his shit and store it with the rest of his important trash if he could.He tried to open the door but the footsteps got closer and louder so he let go of the latch and listened.

“I bet this adventure roach came with you,”he mumbled to himself.

“maybe it was Kamudo’s baby making wife who was always pregnant,annoyed by every whiff of fresh air”.He smirked.

The balcony outside his window was lit by flickering florescent light so he could make out the figure hanging clothes to dry.A new neighbor,not the timid girl with the small frame who locked herself in at all times.This was a full woman,she bend over her basin after working the lines with her wet hand to clear any dust.He moved to the edge of his window to get a better look at the humming stranger doing laundry in the middle of the night.He was met by her big ass as she worked the wet clothes,the effort making her ass wiggle in the thin leso. His dick stirred  trying to escape the confines of his boxers.

” She definitely is not Kamudo’s breeder,”he whispered to himself moistening his lips.He peeked again,bolder this time,both eyes on the strangers every move as she started hanging her laundry from the furthest line. The multi-colored thin leso was blowing in the wind exposing dark beautiful thighs running up to the fullness of her buttocks,his eyes widened in-tandem with the bulge in his shorts,unknowingly he opened the curtains a bit more for a better view as she turned back to her basin.

“sexy bitch,”he whispered under his breath biting his lower lip.

He thought about having her for one night,just the one.He didn’t want to love and cherish her or think of her as a person at all.She was a piece of ass to be admired and taken like a enemy ship at war.Just then the small screen on his phone lit up again vibrating angrily on his dirty table.

“Hi,it’s me.”The message was short and precise.

“Are you home?,i fought with my guy again,he kicked me out,”he read pouring another drink.

“Are you there?”The sex goddess outside moved to the second line as he thought about replying.

“I know you are there you asshole,its your dick pic that got me in this mess,”the message was in all caps,he smiled to himself.

Nyachi was always a flirt,she loved having her cake and pretending to wanna fuck it too.He remembered their late night texts that started from sharing books to sending suggestive sarcastic memes back and forth until the topic turned to her pre-mature ejaculating loving husband to be,she was a bitch and she knew it,the poor bastard was sleeping right next to her when she was hanging him to dry.

“I have a guest,”he typed fast darting a glance at the unsuspecting stranger.

“Are you serious?”she replied.He thought about switching his phone off.

“Yeah,she is sleeping on my chest,”Leso lady wiped her wet hands on the light fabric exposing her ass and all its splendor.He rubbed his dick,his demented mind joining both women who were not his into a unrequited imaginary three way fighting for his medium size cock in his dirty dark squalor.

“I am nearly there,i can’t go back,”the phone cried again and again,messages coming fast and erratic.

“For fuck sake Nyachi,go to your girlfriend’s,you think coming here is gonna help your love life,?”He sent the message and switched off his data.He had more pressing matters to attend to.

The goddess was nearly done and in a way so was he, in the darkness, peaking through his window holding himself in his hand.Before he could do the deed in his head and release all that pent up pressure another figure joined “his” woman in the darkness.A tall dark figure,he was too engrossed in his debauchery to hear any foot steps.The member died in his grip when the figure came into focus hugging the ebony queen from behind.She melted in his muscular shoulders as he brought her to himself before kissing her inviting lips.She smiled,ivory white teeth shining under the dim artificial light.

The two strangers worked together in the way two long time lovers do,she pressed her ass to him as he slowly grind into her whispering sweet nothings,making her giggle,stifled moans left her mouth as he cupped her left breast in his hand,she turned to face him,his beaming face in her hands.

“Fuck me,they are gonna fuck right here,”He thought to himself still holding his limp oiled cock.

The man outside his window was everything a man should dream of being,even though he couldn’t see the guys hardon or his face clearly he sure felt the testosterone emanating from the scene.He claimed his woman with passion and a eagerness he had never known in all his years of pleasing women.He kissed her lips one after the other,small delicate movements lost in the shadows of the night,her back arched fitting into his tallness.He whispered some more grabbing her ass like he paid for it in blood,she giggled again.

Head lights from a passing car attacked the darkness inside the house exposing the peeping tipsy tom for a fraction of a second,the peeper ducked quickly falling to the floor,his exposed sex following him flapping sadly from his right thigh to the left.

“Nimeona uso hapa ndani babe,”the goddess whispered louder to her mate.

“serious?,”her man’s deep voice matched her tone.

” Malizia twende basi,i think umeona reflection hun,”they both finished with the laundry before all three of them heard sharp raspy shoes stabbing the concrete from afar followed quickly by the loud shrill of his phone,the peeper grabbed it quickly muting the sound in his palm and cancelling the call.

“Nyachi you ass!!,”he muttered to himself as the pair outside his window picked up their basin quickly.

“I’m here,”his phone retorted again. Nyachi walked by the love birds in the hall way as she made her way to the balcony and straight to his window trying to peak in.

“Open the door Muli,”she send another message before peeking through the window trying to make out any movement.

Muli pulled his sweat pants on,pissed off that he didn’t get to cum plus the shame of it all.He felt empty and dirty moving to the door knowing full well that Nyachi was toxic for him.He did not love her or even like her.She was just another distraction he tried to feed his weak ego.conquest and empty dialogue.She was a female version of him,he didn’t like that. Nyachi moved from the window.

“I know you’re in there you dick!,”his phone beeped again in his hand.

Muli moved back to his hiding spot peeking out at the small figure wearing blue jeans and a spaghetti top,squinting he confirmed that she was not wearing any bra as she hugged herself trembling in the biting cold.She looked lost and afraid,her neediness and daddy issues were well documented in their long conversations.He had opened up about his depravity and twisted mind expecting her to shut him off but she didn’t,even when he had told her about his fear of women,real women who knew what they wanted;women who haunted men’s souls with their blunt honesty and clarity of vision.She had taken him into her circle oiled dick and all.She was the only real friend he had,he could be himself with her,maybe even grow.

“I just need a place to crash Muli,”he read the new message before another came in.

“i know you don’t have anyone in there,its okay if you hate me or don’t trust me but i need you right now,i need my midnight friend.”Muli put his phone away,at that moment all he wanted was to hold her and never let go,he wanted her warm and in his arms because he cared about her.As much as he longed for the ebony goddess with legs all the way to heaven he knew she was not for him.He did not want a few minutes of mindless pleasure hiding in the dark like a weirdo,there was no life in that.He craved the fire and light he had seen the two strangers share together outside his sad apartment.

“You gonna have to sit this one out dick,”he said looking down at his sex before grabbing his jacket and heading for the door.