They always said we were made for someone,the blues and the poems from back when people died from the cough.Humans have always believed in this existential calling for the celestial upgrade,we are all more than what we appear in the mirror because of our stories and mired understanding of who we are.

The story begins like all good love stories do,with a chance meeting where liquids are spilled and heads are butted in chance meetings followed by awkward glances and inhibited smiles.Your chemical set up flares as endorphins explode in your head sending magic down your body and into your pants.This magical reaction changes your entire outlook on life,colors become brighter and clearer,birds sing louder and everything becomes one huge high.

The rest of that story is already forgotten history,the residual effects still lingering in the air like a sailors fart.we love fiercely when we don’t think of these people as flawed humans,picking after them and celebrating all their quirks without any criticism.We become addicted to them as it should be when we are smitten,losing ourselves in this wonderland we never can put into words.

Growing up with this fantasy that is love,young minds cultivated in a world of watered down sitcoms and love stories expect the same easy going,happy go lucky thirty minutes love story.Such high expectations conjured up from our child hood about what the world should be catapult our desires and expectations for the future into the realms of fiction.The work they do to make these Hollywood movies should be reciprocated in real life for any real relationship to work and thrive.All the perfect moments prepared and thought through with care and devotion.

My generation is that of damaged emotional dwarfs,scurrying about with masks on selling fictitious  facades to other faceless hornier social media junkies,claiming to be looking for the real thing.We do not have the fortitude to remain promised to one another because we are worth more now,more than our parents and their parents before them.We are in love with ourselves and our flaws.We are more superficial now, the sexual revolution was a necessity for our civilization to flourish but the human condition had other plans.

This new age self love mantra has warped our minds,The rules for courtship blurred by fear.We equate our worth now to the material things we are able to amass in a short span of time.We work smart,working hard doesn’t suit our liberal sensibilities accentuated by  a false sense of “wokeness” that has most of us hiding our true selves just to fit into this new life fad.In our pursuit for perfection we overstate our capabilities and attributes,we lie to ourselves and all the other avatars who log on to also share in their manufactured lies.The stories we tell about ourselves are the only proof that we exist in this society,the wants and needs that take center stage in these online communities spill into our day to day lives blurring the line between what is real about us and what isn’t. We plunge ourselves into physical relationships without learning each others intentions and hearts,this union always affects us differently of course,some people will open their hearts quickly after intimacy,confusing sex  for a declaration of undying devotion,while others walk it off like a conversation with a long lost acquaintance.

The confusion comes to bare when after bodies have been shared before minds,the difference in personalities and preference boil to the top causing strife,as the one who loved more feels used and discarded.A falling out born of hate and pain ensues,taking over our weak mental fortitude as pride kicks in to mask the shame.Ownership,that solid bargain created when one lover spends their hard earned money as the only declaration of love they know how to profess.There is no realization of self because we are empty shells trying to fill that void with wanton rendezvous meets that only feed the flesh.Honesty has become a show of weakness as we have avatars to protect and strangers to impress.

There lies a silver lining at the end of this sitcom though,we can choose to be ourselves and appreciate our backgrounds.If we learn to wear our scars with pride,we can find that hidden path that leads to our purpose in life.Learning to  get back up especially when the worlds seems to conspire against you is the hardest test for any person out there.We choose the wrong direction sometimes,we act out of fear and pain but we must remember to never stop getting back up.Moving on is the only way we grow into our true selves.