THE WOMAN YOU NEED. were serenaded with declarations of adult hood by the ginger in the royal family and his semi black bride,the fact that being an adult and paying for your way in the world was alien to him is not at all ludicrous to all of us.saying no to all the perks and free stuff that come with being born in the right family has been blown way out of proportion,before we continue i must declare that there is no place in the 21st century for monarchs and medieval elevation of specific people .The rants and racially fueled boasts about his wife making him leave his grand ma’s house is funny to a point,especially when you remember there is no correlation between independence and royalty for these lucky royal bastards,they will be royalty even if they start living on a tree grown in the amazon jungle.This sounds more like moans and groans of a petulant child acting out as the down to earth normal girl teaches the privileged grandson of the queen how to be “normal”.

The fact that men have to resign to the fact that marriage means sharing your space and changing who you are to make this other person happy is not lost to me,we attach so much responsibility to strangers we meet and profess life long commitments to as we loose ourselves in the great battle of surrender and compromise.In some lucky happily ever after stories we do become better versions of ourselves.

Marriage has been seen as the mark of maturity for men and a milestone for women but in the new age,the year 2020 we all hit the work force and share financial and social responsibilities,we must tackle this quickly disappearing matrimonial ritual for all the right reasons.You cannot “build anyone from the ground up”,there is only support and understanding for those in healthy relationships.If you have to tell him who to be or dictate what she says then that is just toxic.Being who you are should never be compromised.You cannot love someone and then change what made you love them to begin with,how you find them is who they are, love is helping them find success in whatever they decide to do with their talent or calling.

The woman you need shouldn’t be bound to societal norms,she should never be a piece of ass you like looking at,greater destinies have been destroyed by swaying hips and seductive lips.Our growing malice against marriage has only served to create a more capitalistic way of socializing,we create avatars on social media platforms that never represent our true selves then pray to find real authentic down to earth people who will love us for who we really are,yeah,the irony is palpable.

There must always be a compromise for true love to grow,the journeys you decide to take together can only stand the test of time if both parties are on the same page.Sharing insecurities and speaking one’s mind even if the topic of conversation might cause friction will strengthen both parties individually as the glue that keeps you together reinforces trust and understanding.Like our dear prince from the royal family,love may have put him on this path that has him embarking on a adventurous new journey,maybe it really is a feel good story of royal proportions,lets wait and see.