Someone told him that day,

“Just let free… open up dear child,”

So simple those words,so hard to repeat

In the past and present fore,

In good luck and nasty norm,

All the vile,crude and nasty forms,

Bring tears down a rusty wall.

He imagines his life of yore,

His life now in unfriendly falls,

He thought of his heart,

He thought of his wayward tears and locked.

“Try,talk and wail dear child,

Blame god and blame me,

Show how much pain you feel,

Cry dear child,cry and let it be…”

He choked again,

Cupped his hands and hid his face,

He felt sick,he felt weak.

He closed his eyes tight and prayed for tears.

Then came the voice,stronger with pain,

”Ýou,you are not to cry!!

nor to whine in the night,

Its not for you,nor is it a right of mine,

But you have to try,fall and look at the skies,

cry for me dear child.”


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