Some are dark and inquisitive,

Others light and beaming,

Usually gullible and happy,

A gift of youth,how so happy.

Ask me of treachery and deceit,

of laden hearts and long faces,

But dont ask me how the happy fair,

or love,lassies and garlards.

I wont trust you for i can’t,

I dont love because i wont,

Its that! for shame and blame,

for me that maiden to spare,

The pain and agony in my stare.

For this i wont dare.

I will speak to her hair,

flatter her back and shoulders,

To have and certainly not to hold.

I will pace up my follow,

My wobbly and careless swagger,

to my wife for good morrow,

In sickness and in health.

Her hair so alive in the light,

Her walk timid but graceful,

Her fragrance so tasteful.

Her face dull and formal.


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