Life is enough to drown any man,

Any man weening himself of his youth,

You grit your teeth and smile,

Smile for you and for a day you can rest from.

Going delirious in small rooms,

Expecting a day you can hold your head up high,

And follow the humdrum,the quiet march to expiration.

You toss and turn in your own sweat,

Dreading the next turn of the earth and moon,

That final feeling before you wear that mask,

The only true face you can trust

Every day you hear that sound,

That hark to rise and shine as you squirm in your own filth.

Before you scrounge around trying to find your true face,

You catch a glimpse of the darkness within.

‘Without the mask who are you?’

whispers the voice in the abyss,

In the broken mirror where bloody knuckles live,

That final thought comes again to you like cascading waves.

”Kill yourself you piece of shit,

End your miserable grunts and waste of skin”

The darkness envelops you as you wash a hated face you don’t recognize,

”Think about it,search your depths for meaning.”

I find my mask,my face,

I try to fix it,

The corners break off as i will my dark passenger to the back of my mind.

The alarm rings again,forty five minutes are gone,the bus waits for nobody.


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