Since i dont believe in love,

Love at first sight or night

i will have to respect the life

The light that comes with love

I dont know what it is,

I dont know how it works

I know thats why it hurts,

i know thats why it hurts

I write this only in retreat,

I know i can never win,

Iask only for peace,leverage,

Please run around for me.

Only for me this bliss to feel

To dance in the rain,

To sing in the streets,

Make some room only for this.

I wont believe or admit

Istill think you’re a ruthless bastard

But i deservethis,okay?,okay,i’ll earn this,

Please run around for me.



Standing before the mirror of life

I stare wondering when and why.

How it came to be so wild,unclean,

like a broken hour glass,sand spilling still.

I wonderhow it could be after life forseen.

Is it the greying of the hair

or the wrinkling of the skin?

Maybe its revalations,seasons out seasons in

Alas! tis the sand manfast asleep,

or maybe Atlas surrendering in defeat.

Today being tomorrows yesterday,

earth rotating twenty four hours a day

Be it sun or maybe rain,

I wont strain,come as it may

Life forseen is life unlived

Dreams unclean,future obsolete.



I can imagine your lips

like the petals of a rose,

A red rose if i might add.

Now i see your tongue,

so wet and free

dancing along with mine ,

a slow mexican song.

your lips touch mine,

so soft like the petals of thee bloomed rose,

with the fragrance so rich,

sensational like rolling thunder.

I explore the rose,the high mountains,

the low sea,the untamed gardens and tall trees.

the rose is pure and fair,

tender and sweet to those who kiss by the book.



Kisten to things,dead and living.

The moon might be blue,

Dust in the sea,

or whispersin the weeds.

Only this should be shown,

written or told of.

Dont call me blessed,

for my epitaph a droning frown.

You should think only this,

”A good lad,he tried”

No tears ,no wails,

just dig and let me lie.

Home from nowhere,

home without breath,

another grey owl

hooting in the dark of the trees.