I rose to challenge hakim,

for all the gold and rings.

I rose for purity and kings,

to prove human like me

“The long lake is sacred!”

i shouted to him,

“To bathe in it is madness”,

slowly walking to him.

He didn’t quiver or reel,

he gave a smirk and a chin.

“You know i live and breath,

i’m me for they adore me.”

He spat on my face,

he glared and laughed at me,

at my disgrace.

I didn’t leave,i stood still.

“I know you own it all,

i know you are the king:,

i know you took the flower,

the butterfly and the queen.”

I walked up to him,

I looked straight at him,

“I don’t envy your crown,

i loath your being me!.”


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