It was may years ago,
in a kingdom by the sea
that an angel lived with no other thought
than to love and be loved by me.

She was young,i was young
in this kingdom by the sea
but we loved with a love that was more than love,
with love that winged angels of heaven.
Coveted her and me.

Tis the reason that in this kingdom by the sea,
a chilling wind blew out of a cloud at night
and bore her away from me,
To silence her up within.

But our love was stronger by far than the love,
of those older or far wiser than we,
and neither the angels in heaven above,
nor the demons down under the sea
can ever separate my soul from thee.

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
and the stars never rise but from the light in her eyes
and so all the night tide, i lied down by the side
of my darlin,my life ,my pride.
In a tomb,by the side of the sea.



The heat,
its the heat that called us to each other,
the warmth of familiar scent.
a lost lover's knowing touch.

we lay there,
looking at each other,
searching for meaning,
reason for this forbidden perfection.

A breeze breaks through,
goosebumps riddle her perfect skin,
as i trace her curves,
her pulsating beauty within my reach.

''This is the last time,"'
she says to herself,or maybe to me.
we lay there entangled,
hearts beating to the whiskey blues.



That rendezvous drinking hole,
where the smoke is thick,
the air is dank and the light is low,
we gather like tired dying moths hiding from the cold.

''Musau got fired yesterday,''
Jackson retorts.''He has to run away from his crazy wife now.''
We nod,faces hunched over in subjugation.
A good day to have a drink.

The cycle continues as the beer wagons run up and down,
we drink the sorrows,
we drown the pain,
The midnight calls as we all stagger back to our personal hells.

''Hey bro,i have to tell you something,''
my friend beckons as the busty woman lays down our brews.
''I believe we survived another grueling day you shit,''he grins,
and we laugh together.



They follow me everywhere,
clawing at my heels,
burning my smoke ridden lungs
as i run for a life i never wanted

I can't die,
even as they put the rope around my neck
i know in my heart of hearts,
i can't die.

Looking up,
a flaming wild African sky
i think of all the faces that came before me,
as many as tears from the sun.

My fate sealed,
i stand on the block of maybes and what ifs,
all my hours spent contradicting my very existence.
I strain to balance on lies as the noose tightens.

whispering through a raspy voice
i try to muster a last stand.
Reason kicks the block from under me
''I can't die,its not my time.''



He walks
He laughs
He talks with him
He lives with him

He's strong
He's bold
He's not human to begin,
he's extraordinary,not like him.

He's strong
He's weak
He loves to seek
To be there and see.

He'll grow 
He'll see
He'll feel sorrow and sin,
I'll try to be just like him.

I'll walk and laugh
I'll be strong and bold
I,ll even sin,sin more than him.
I'll live to feel
I'll love and see
until i'm extraordinary and weak
Until i believe he isn't more than me.



I know i mustn't,i shouldn't,
its not for me to feel and touch';
the lips to plunge,to drink,
to savage,quench and set free.

They hide something,the depths of bliss,
of untamed horses running through beautiful prairies,
depth less oh so depth less,slight a hand you see
but the fire,the urge so true,really i mustn't.

Emotions overwhelmed,i know i mustn't,
her skin so soft,warm to the feel.
I don't cause i can't,i mustn't you see?!
but she lives in me truly she mustn't.

I wish for the piper,his command to scold and whip,
for i'm lost in the depths of this,
i can't stop looking,its eternal for me.
For she is free,more than i can be.

I will keep these demons locked in me
and only look,smile and please.
I will wait,lurk and seek,
until the depths are found within.



There is this wall,

a whole brick wall

with prickly vines and all,

a barrier to keep him off.

He doesn’t know her face,

he doesn’t care to trace.

For she is there,just there,

a million pieces in the wind.

The lark doth cry in the morn,

the deer doth feed in the clear

and all the little things everywhere

know her laugh,looks and share.

I just stare me,myself and i

conjure up faces to fit her flair,

tis all myself can do til the fog clears,

to see the world in her eyes.



I rose to challenge hakim,

for all the gold and rings.

I rose for purity and kings,

to prove human like me

“The long lake is sacred!”

i shouted to him,

“To bathe in it is madness”,

slowly walking to him.

He didn’t quiver or reel,

he gave a smirk and a chin.

“You know i live and breath,

i’m me for they adore me.”

He spat on my face,

he glared and laughed at me,

at my disgrace.

I didn’t leave,i stood still.

“I know you own it all,

i know you are the king:,

i know you took the flower,

the butterfly and the queen.”

I walked up to him,

I looked straight at him,

“I don’t envy your crown,

i loath your being me!.”



I put my hand on my chest,

i dreamed of wonderland and gentle hearts,

i saw what i felt,i felt it before and again,

the hardened slap of her.

I won’t lie,i felt a flush,in hell at once.

I hate and hated what i had,

what i was and would be.

Now i’m nine and twenty,whats good use for me?.

Whats good use for me if i can’t see,

If i don’t know my place in the sea,

if i’ll scream in my head and wail for peace,

whats the use,whats the use if i believe?.

If i believe in you and me?,

i don’t know,i really dont,

i don’t have a clue,no words to ease this wounds.

Now i will be what i have to be.

No!, i have to see,

my destiny conjured and plated for me,

fate my doubtful and careless king,

leading me,beating me…hating me.



Joy hearty sweet,for vain no shame,

Gay,young,plain what a day!.

Embrace with song,

Play yours,mine and all for gain.

Cool and clear,cool and clear,

Unrestrained and unclear,

Forget today,tomorrow not to fear,

rumors,whispers,mocking so clear.

I gave it five seconds,

Have your way for only five.

The pain,the tears,the graves.

Abandon ,disaster to jeer.

Black and bare,black and bare,

A new day found,

No tears,no pain no shame

Time was up for me and them.