I stand there in scary newness,
the air in my lungs spiriting away as i take it all in,
my heart beats,it skips a bit.
I am lost.

Warm hearts and kind faces,
they find me in these places,
as i pretend to know and understand,
they see right through my abhorring facade.

Their hands are warm still
even as i cower back defensively,
a wounded lost animal bearing its teeth.
They beckon to me hiding bleeding limbs as i lash out.

Day out,day in,
they sit with me and offer treats,
always watching,looking past my glaring murderous visage,
they come closer still.

Commanding the darkness to depart with their carefree laughter,
they come in.
Boundless happiness invading completely
I reach out to it,
its okay,they see me.


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