I can imagine your lips

like the petals of a rose,

A red rose if i might add.

Now i see your tongue,

so wet and free

dancing along with mine ,

a slow mexican song.

your lips touch mine,

so soft like the petals of thee bloomed rose,

with the fragrance so rich,

sensational like rolling thunder.

I explore the rose,the high mountains,

the low sea,the untamed gardens and tall trees.

the rose is pure and fair,

tender and sweet to those who kiss by the book.



When you step on a ledge,
that final step of life.
Listening for the devil or angel
Jump or don't jump.

"Maybe its not that bad,
maybe as you fall down
your life becomes eternity.
Maybe its like flying," says the devil.

"Its dying,
Taking a life you were given and throwing a fit,
Think of those wings as anchors,
The eternal fall for the most unclean", Angel chimes in.

The heavens above call you,
They pray you honor your deal,
return to the soil.
whether in righteous light or hallowed sin.

He looks down again,
Gravity pulling to him like a devourer,
Like kronos and his kin.
The edge disappears, he takes flight as Icarus leads him home.    



I smile walking through the fog,
This wet blanket of sorts.
Hiding my tremble,
As the stinging cold isolates my senses.

It's all the same to me,
There is no reprieve from walking this plank.
I see nothing past my frozen nose tip,
My legs walking me into the abyss,
A blind man with nowhere to be.
The weather man said I created this darkness, With all my wanton dispair,giving this weather purpose. She hears my call, she knows I will this. Clear skies will never see the harbor for this ship. Wrapping my weary bones with the fear I weave, I stumble on with the mist that decided for me. With lips cracked and mouth parched, I smile again as my soul empties. Kyalo.


In my escape from you 
I find the rythm and the beat.
music is slow here,
But the booze is strong.

As my ears reverbate to it,
I swim in nostalgia,sweating and breathing.
Memories of stolen time,
Of Muddled dreams stained with tears.

The music gets louder,
Sweet Melodious pain,
Lost in that moment I creat my own universe.
She can't find me now.

She smiles in there,
In the memories of a time gone,
Of great opportunities swallowed up by the black hole of youth.
The four minutes spent in the time machine end,
It's your turn,pick a song.



The light from the florescent tube flickers on
as he tries to clean the caked blood from his temple.
The whiskey numbs the pain as he tries to focus the blurred figure in the dirty mirror staring back at him.
The dirt and filth blends perfectly with his perfect disaster.

''Get the fuck away from me! "the voice echoes in his mind as he removes his blood soaked shirt,
throwing it into the discolored water  swimming in the sink with his will to live.
The light goes off
with a screeching mechanical fault leaving him in  darkness.

He knows something is broken,
even as he yells to himself and laughs hysterically in the darkness,
The lone source of light bursts back to life again,
blood streaming from his head and onto his bony frame.

The music from outside drowns out his screams as he smears the blood across his face,
he laughs hysterically, again his friend in the mirror joins in.
There is nothing of him  there,
the him he knew is gone, just as the flickering light, he switched in and out of himself.

The whiskey in his veins keeps him warm,
at least warm enough to not care about where he is.
There is no awareness now,
No reason to be accountable for putting all the pieces together.

Something cold,
Something damp and worthless craters his soul.
He sees nothing but what he lost in  a mad dash to find himself,
The body that hid the turmoil now wasting away like discarded moving things.

Its dark again, he feels the void encompassing his being,
The dirty room  becomes his  paradise as night and day come and go with a flicker.
He screams in his heaven as his soul clamors for pain,
for anything, for a chance to reach out and put him together again.



I hit the wall with my clenched fist,
Blood spurting from my butchered knuckles,
The wall stares back,cold and unrelenting,
Taking the abuse,animated violent hate emanating from human fragility and emotional incontinence.

The sting of pain and the smell of fresh blood,
Labored breath forced through gritted teeth. 
The wall stares back at the self destructing union of cells and rage.
Staring at my immortal foe,i bang my head quelling voices of beings i will never see.

It feels good,
The pain,
The ringing in my ears.
The trembling of my legs and thumping of my beating heart.

The night comes into focus,
Every bleating cricket looking for grub and
Mosquitoes wailing in a feeding frenzy around my hands,
Mother Gaia herself whispers life and death to all her children.

She calls to me,
In her own way
She delights in my resolve to join her
As her beckoning caller the moon fills the sky with reckless abandon.

I stand there basking in his borrowed light
Leaning to one side as he chases his own will to be seen
Oblivious to his inevitable demise,he takes what he can brightening dead craters and valleys of dead soil.

The moment passes,he has bigger fish to fry as the sun leads him on.
Crawling through the darkness,i reach the wall again,
Hands mangled,i make feeble fists believing myself to still have a chance,
A chance to get through,to see whats on the other side of me.



I stand there in scary newness,
the air in my lungs spiriting away as i take it all in,
my heart beats,it skips a bit.
I am lost.

Warm hearts and kind faces,
they find me in these places,
as i pretend to know and understand,
they see right through my abhorring facade.

Their hands are warm still
even as i cower back defensively,
a wounded lost animal bearing its teeth.
They beckon to me hiding bleeding limbs as i lash out.

Day out,day in,
they sit with me and offer treats,
always watching,looking past my glaring murderous visage,
they come closer still.

Commanding the darkness to depart with their carefree laughter,
they come in.
Boundless happiness invading completely
I reach out to it,
its okay,they see me.



The dimming light of all
cascades over the midday sun
as all the living things revel in it.

The heat makes them dance,
one to another,loving and dying in the hands of fate.
They live fiery lives,
always,as they take to the sky.

In risk of life and limb,
on unknown roads taken,
urged on by the solitary darkness of genius and hate,
they live,they thrive.

On the outer rings of infinite possibilities,
the outlier riffraff of cold dead souls,
with darkened spirits where the light doesn't  clear the skies,
look on as the numbness takes them.

Floating in the abyss of nothingness,
they skate by with the current ,
cosmic weeds embalming their wretched selves
as color leaves their eyes,
they look down in single file and walk into darkness. 



Hiding in myself as i find reasons to stay there,
as i speak to myself,
worrying about nothing as life turns me over a fire,
the spit roast that is human fragility.

I create dead space there too,
quiet darkness where i hide all the ugly things.
The shadows cast by insecurities,
the lies reinforced by prideful stupidity.

I sit in my space,
My own little nightmare that eats me,
I feed this little disease of mine
as it isolates my light with its darkened shroud.

I build a maze too,in there.
like tartarus,
like a coffin slowly filling with dirt.
It gets small,stifling,i claw for life,I scream like the enemies of the gods.

Its my space still,
I created this world of horrors and darkness,
rivers of molten larva flowing
Like a young planet still taking form,
I work still,trying to get the light to shine through to me.



After the years added on,
from nursery bed
to institutionalized slavery,
they polish me.

I have donned different shapes,
some of obedience,
love and hate.
I have worn them well.

I have worked on the lie
as my eccentricities were filed down
or added on.
As they beat my malleable spirit to submission.

The speech patterns,
the queens language,
the ill fitting clothes,stifling
Fashions borrowed from hollow crowds.

I am molded,
put through the crucible of replication.
A once blank canvas torn and mended over and over again.

They polish me still,
Painted red colors with blackish hues,
a banner man,a mascot.
Dancing to the beat of their drums.



Holding me like you own me,
like our very souls met in a past life,
I look into your eyes
searching for a reason to hate you.

Tracing my scars you smile to yourself,
you look at them,
you look at me.
There is nothing there for you baby.

There is only past fights,
past breakups and make ups.
I stand here next to you naked,
blind to everything,even the pain of losing you.

Don't read me,
There is nothing there to see,
No epiphany,not even a page turned for me.
close your eyes,kiss me again.