I put my hand on my chest,

i dreamed of wonderland and gentle hearts,

i saw what i felt,i felt it before and again,

the hardened slap of her.

I won’t lie,i felt a flush,in hell at once.

I hate and hated what i had,

what i was and would be.

Now i’m nine and twenty,whats good use for me?.

Whats good use for me if i can’t see,

If i don’t know my place in the sea,

if i’ll scream in my head and wail for peace,

whats the use,whats the use if i believe?.

If i believe in you and me?,

i don’t know,i really dont,

i don’t have a clue,no words to ease this wounds.

Now i will be what i have to be.

No!, i have to see,

my destiny conjured and plated for me,

fate my doubtful and careless king,

leading me,beating me…hating me.


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